NAME OF MEDICAL SCHOOL: Queen’s University Belfast
Medical school lead for undergraduate medical education in palliative care:
Name: Dr Neil Jackson
Postal Address: Palliative Care Team, Elliot Dynes Unit, The Royal Hospitals, 274 Grosvenor Road, Belfast, BT12 6BA
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: 07824 630372 or 02890632479
Teaching PA name:  
Teaching PA email:  
Teaching PA telephone:  
Lead palliative care clinician for undergraduate medical education (if different to above):
Postal Address:  
Teaching PA name:  
Teaching PA email:  
Teaching PA telephone:  
Is palliative care a compulsory part of the course? Yes
If yes, how many hours are timetabled? 18.5 hrs
Is palliative care examined in Finals exams or at other points in the course? Yes
If yes, please give details: OSCE and by SBA MCQs questions 4th year


(attach any relevant documents)

Phase 2 / 2nd year

1.5 hr lecture in phase 2,

SSC offered in phase 2, 1st semester Mon and Fri for 12 weeks.  (approx. 12 students)

Phase 3 / 3rd year

Teaching done in some  hospitals as part of medical rotation (all students do not get this, therefore not counted in overall 18.5 hrs)

Phase 4 / 4th year

Formal teaching as part of Cancer studies in phase 4, covers symptom management (4 hrs), hospice visit (3 hours), Breaking Bad news (3 hrs), Emergencies (2 hr), Bereavement (2hrs), Ethics (1hr)

Phase 5 / 5th year (FY0)

Preparation for practice (2hr)