QMUL (Barts, Royal London and Queen Marys Medical School)

Medical school lead for undergraduate medical education in palliative care:


Hattie Roebuck

Postal Address:

St Joseph’s Hospice, Mare St, Hackney E84SA.


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Teaching PA name:


Teaching PA email:


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Is palliative care a compulsory part of the course?



If yes, how many hours are timetabled?

25 hours

Is palliative care examined in Finals exams or at other points in the course?


No, not currently

If yes, please give details:



(attach any relevant documents)

Core Curriculum:

Year 3 students:

Lecture on managing pain in palliative care (1hr)

Death & Dying Morning: Lecture on sociology of death (1hr) Lecture on bereavement (1hr) Expert Panel (1hr) (students ask questions of an expert panel about what it is like to care for patients who die, panel composed of ITU consultant, Paediatric consultant, 2 Palliative care consultants one from hospital & one from hospice, Social worker from palliative care team)

Hospice Morning: Students attend in small groups. Lecture on what is palliative care /hospices. (1hr). Lecture on managing nausea & vomiting (1hr). Goldfish bowl patient experience (patients talk of their experiences in a facilitated environment to the group of students) (1hr)

Year 4 students:

Clinical teaching in Healthcare of Elderly Firm

Year 5 students:

Breaking bad news teaching – 2 afternoons using actors & small groups students (6 hours total)

Hospice Morning: Lecture on recognising & managing dying (1hr). Lecture on managing pain (1hr). Small group tutorials working through the case of a patient who becomes terminally ill & wants to return home to die. Students review case notes, write prescription for syringe driver, cross inappropriate meds off prescription chart, write DNAR order.

Prescribing at end of life teaching in therapeutics (1 hr)

GP teaching on death certification, visit to under takers (8hrs)

Optional Teaching:

Year 2- Medicine in Society Teaching – St Joseph’s Hospice – 4 students attend 1 day every fortnight for 6 months, learning about the impact of ill health on individuals & society

Year 5 –Special Study Component in palliative medicine at Whipps Cross Hospital (4-5 weeks)