Thank you to all those who attended the conference on March 5th! The theme was “Assessment of medical students and of medical student teaching”

 Programme of the Day

10.00  Keynote address: “Medical student assessment: challenges and developments”. Dr Mark Gurnell, Clinical SubDean (Assessment), University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine

10.40  General Medical Council: developing medical student Palliative Care education.  Jo Wren, GMC Regional Liaison Adviser for East of England and Thames Valley.

11.00  Update on medical education in the European Association for Palliative Care.  Prof Frank Elsner, Chairman of the EAPC Steering Group for Medical Education

11.30  Participant presentations: Assessment in Palliative Care education.

Anita Roberts: “Formative and Summative Assessment at Liverpool University”

Steven Walker: “Palliative Care assessment in UK medical schools”.

Sarah Forrest: “Assessment of reflective practice at Cambridge University”.

Lisa Boulstridge: “High fidelity simulation training at Birmingham University”.

12.30  Small group discussion of assessment issues arising from presentations

14.00  Parallel Session 1: Researching medical education in Palliative Care.                            

Stephen Mason (Liverpool): “Learning to care for the dying: a UK pilot project”.

Pia Thiemann (Cambridge): “Understanding medical student death anxiety”.

Dan Knights & Lucy Holloway (Newcastle): “Mapping the APM curriculum in Newcastle”.

Carolyn Campbell (Plymouth): “Mapping the APM curriculum in Peninsula”.

Richard Kitchen (West & East Midlands): "PROACTive: A palliative care and decision-making e-learning intervention"

Parallel Session 2: Multiple Choice Question writing workshop.                                         

Dr Mark Gurnell, Chair, Final Clinical Review Groups, Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance

15.15  Pallied: developing electronic resources in Palliative Care education.                                  

Dr Colin Giam, Peninsula Medical School. Presentation and plenary discussion

 Presentations from the day are below

1 Dr Mark Gurnell__Assessment.pdf

2 Jo Wren__GMC.pdf

3 Frank Elsner__ EAPC.pdf

4 Anita Roberts__ Assessment in Liverpool.pdf

5 Steven Walker__ National survey.pdf

6 Sarah Forrest__ Assessment in Cambridge.pdf

7 Stephen Mason__ UK pilot study.pdf

8 Pia Thiemann__ Death Anxiety.pdf

9 Lucy Holloway __ Newcastle curriculum.pdf

10 Carolyn Campbell__ Truro curriculum.pdf

11 Richard Kitchen__ Online training.pdf

12 Mark Gurnell__ SBA question writing workshop.pdf

13 Colin Giam__ Pallied.pdf

14 APM Curriculum template (C Campbell).pdf

Some Pictures from the Event

The next meeting of the Special Interest Forum will be on Thursday April 7th at the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute, University of Liverpool